Professor Gates….you provocator….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ya, so you say this misadventure of yours which you now call “a life lesson” to, I suppose you mean everybody else, we don’t need it from the likes of you….like I said earlier Gates, piss off and disappear never to be seen again…let alone heard from again….you even screwed over the President and made him look like a fool and black officers at the scene stood by Sargeant Crowley….and made you look like a fool and a liar too….so…your ethics, your profile, and your words are woefully diminished….and I think for the remainder of your miserable paranoid hyper-sensitive existence….Andy from Ottawa, Canada



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2 responses to “Professor Gates….you provocator….

  1. sleepyeagle

    Amen, the man acted like an attention starved child.

    • Andy Stephen

      To sleepyeagle,
      You’re damn straight on that one Bud! and to think that he made the President of the USA, RUSH TO JUDGEMENT….he made a lot of people look like fools….with his Black Panther paranoid mentality….what a piece of crap eh? Yours, Andy

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