USA….Oh Oh…you’re going to have problems now!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To my Brothers and Sisters in the USA, just caught on CNN on Saturday July 25th, 2009, exactly at 4:22 p.m. EST, that as part of your rehabilitation of Iraq you are going to be pleasingly welcoming some several thousand Iraqis to study in your schools…..oh oh….oh oh…man oh man… thinks you’re going to smell a lot of Cordite, gasoline, and God knows what else…..across your country….let alone nitrate, reading alot about highjackings and suicide rammings of trains, planes, trucks, cars and probably even a donkey or two….God, how can you rehabilitate a nation of sand monkeys when they don’t even want to do it for themselves?  Astonished, Andy in Ottawa, Canada



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4 responses to “USA….Oh Oh…you’re going to have problems now!!!!!!

  1. ‘Sand Monkeys’?

    Are you fucking kidding? Jesus, you racist bastard.

    • Andy Stephen

      To awfrick,
      ya, I’ll take the time to respond to you on that…believe it or not I happen to be Muslim…and my chosen name is Saifullah….and I am writing about my own people of faith…just as my wife who is Irish would probably, I hope, write against the IRA….how can we improve ourselves as peoples when we are too scared to talk as a person….so I leave it to you…RSVP, Andy / Saifullah …..thank you for your input….

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  3. Andy Stephen

    To my little chuckle today,
    Pragmatic Denial…..pragmatic denial….hmmmm….interesting title for somebody who is trying to take on someone like me today….well pragmatic denial, I think you are a pragmatic dick and then remove the word pragmatic and what are you left with? That four letter word is for those who are non-believers of any faith…how the hell do you think you got into this world? God is around us son…call God what you will, Allah, God, Buddah, Yahweh etc etc etc….if you don’t believe in something you obviously are doomed to fall for anything….and in your case, I see by your blog, you’re going to crash very soon on your ego….imagine, your blog site makes me want to puke, you’re a little goofy pimple on the arse of society and if Allah wanted he would squish you in a New York second….so, you better slap your cheeks and wash your face and awaken from your reverie of egotism and believe and embrace something, or, you’re going to be left out in a hell fire that is written to be 50 times hotter than fire itself…that is hell son…Andy from Canada

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