Pres Obama…Gone is the Fairy Tale…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Barack, I claim to be no intellectual but, I am very well educated, university, ex-cop, worked for the homeless for 13 years, etc etc etc….but with your RUSH TO JUDGEMENT last week I still cannot believe it sticks in my craw…..Gone is the Fairy Tale that we all hoped for….Gone is the Hope we all aspired for in you….you were no better than Gates himself…I am so disappointed in you, and you claimed and proclaimed that you would be the unifier of all races and creeds in the USA…..well, your so called friend suckered you in big time…didn’t he?  and you, the President immediately RUSHED TO JUDGEMENT and chose sides immediately… the divide even shows that it is right up into the Oval Office….God you are a disappointment….I have been rooting for you ever since you first declared your ambition….now I’m wondering….are you any better than anybody else?  Teachable moments….you have nothing nor does Gates for that matter (especially him) ….you have nothing either of you to teach me or anybody else in the world for that matter…sorry for repeating myself, but, you’d be surprised how many people and citizens of your nation will never forget that one….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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