Saudi Man Arrested re: Sex Talk

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh you poor Saudi person, you cannot talk about SEX on television….in that land….whatever inspired you to do such an outrage and abomination?  I thought you were from the land that held beauty contests on the prettiest sheep…or are they sheeps…I don’t know…so, holding beauty contest for sheeps, goats and God knows what else and you got arrested for boasting or talking, I don’t know which, about SEX on TV…WOW!  That’s a mind blower….anyways my friend, and I mean that sincerely….I have always had seared into my memory the film MIDNIGHT EXPRESS!!!!!!! I hope you are rich enough that you don’t have to do time….yuck! yuck!…please get back to me if you can at  and if you are incarcerated I will personally fly out to Saudi Arabia with a beautiful Canadian Sheep and exchange / ransom your sorry ass out of jail…..I’m serious man…Good Luck….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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