USA Just Saw on CNN, Iraqis Detained Your Troops???????

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

USA, what the hell is going on?  Today I saw on CNN and I think you know by now exactly who I am….frequent blogger etc….what the hell is this story I heard today that head sand monkey from Iraq aka Al Malaki saying he’s releasing detained US troops?  What the hell is that all about?  Never heard of it in the first place…..and as you all know I live (disabled, watches only news, live in home 24/7) I’ve never heard that any US troops were detained…..if they were why were they?  What was your response?  Why are you still there if they have the balls now, of course they don’t have the balls to do anything else i.e. take care of their own nation…..why the hell were Americans in Iraq detained?  Why the hell didn’t you rescue them?  Why the hell didn’t you blast all those sand monkeys to hell?  Why the hell aren’t you out now?  Why are you still in a nation that has killed 4327 brave men and women who were only doing their damn job trying to save, because they were ordered, (obviously misguided) to free and protect an ungrateful people and nation……what the hell gives with all that?  Hell, maybe I am too Canadian, but, if I was the officer in charge ie. very close to the Pres I would have eliminated every sand monkey responsible for “detaining” troops and then left them to their own misery….ie. WITHDRAWN PRONTO ESPERONTO ….the reason why I say Esperonto, is because that is the united nations 30 year old international language that every nation can share….and understand…what a crock eh?  UN……land of the EU…..body of anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-civilization run by a bunch of haters of everything western and even has ensconced radical arab nations in the security council….what a fucking joke….USA get out today….let them implode….on their own….they’re guaranteed to do it…they want to do it….they’re chomping at the bit to do it….why sacrifice yours and our own to separate the inevitable….just wondering…Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..



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2 responses to “USA Just Saw on CNN, Iraqis Detained Your Troops???????

  1. I agree, let Iraq go to hell, get All nations soldiers out of the piss hole and let the Iraqi tribal killing begin!
    An Americans opinion

    • Andy Stephen

      To pobept,
      Nice to hear from you again my friend from Texas I am assuming….loved your state years upon years ago when I was there as a teenager….love your women, but I was too young….anyways, we are of like mind…they are a nation of fucking no good for nothing cowardly, lazy, ingrate sand monkeys and I for one believe that most of them should be six feet under pushing up wheat for the hungry….I’m dead serious….Respectfully, God Bless your 4327 Brave Souls and God Bless the USA…yours, your friend in Canada….Andy

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