Another Justice Outrage…Woman Gets off for Manslaughter…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Here we go again, Ontario, political correctness run amuck and reverse sexism in our Ontario courts…..for the past 2 days I have noted that a woman is not going to do jail time for a FATAL HIT AND RUN….now, would any guy have ever gotten off of that?  Me thinks not….ok, ok, she’s a mother maybe…..or a bread winner of the house…more than likely she is a from a very very very very rich family….English speaking no doubt…English name no doubt…..anyways, but what about the guys that do time for FATAL HIT AND RUN…..are they not fathers, bread winners?  well, I need not say more….just stirring the pot here in Ottawa….something to think about….FATAL HIT AND RUN is vehicular homicide people…everytime…that means a dead body on the road people…a family suffering, and multitudes of other people, extended family etc…let alone friends and co-workers….Homocide is homocide…and the perpetrators don’t discriminate…..and, for that matter the judges should not discriminate…..based on the perpetrators gender…..ya, women want gender equality?  well let them be treated equally in court…typical political correctness run amuck in Ontario justice….makes me want to spew…..Andy from Ottawa, Ontario p.s. I am living proof of what happens when a drunk driver hits the road…can you believe this….even at 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon…I was run over while riding a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle ie. the bike was run over and I was run over by a full size pick-up truck and left for dead….survived (revived heart two times I heard) and left with a major head injury, and part paralysis on the opposite side of the head injury….and now live, barely….and I mean very fucking barely on CPP….so think about it…..if it could happen to me…and you disbelieve it….well… day it might happen to you….and definitely someone you know….the stats are against us when it comes to drunk drivers….


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