Gov Palin…Alaska…Wish you well! Gonna miss ya!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Gov Palin, I will always use the honourific you so richly deserve….I am writing to say, as a Canadian, and yes, you can see Canada from your borders too….I am going to miss you….you are very intelligent, very telegenic, very accomplished, and very very enlivening…..I will miss you…..please with your new plans be sure to stay in the spot light of a high profile career….even as a Canadian so called macho man….me and many others of my ilk always pulled for you….especially with regards to your fierce lionessque loyalty to your family…….you got it all…..keep on fighting the good fight for yourself, your loved ones, and, your beautiful state and country…..I mean this very sincerely…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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