Mike Vicks….Return to NFL? What a connundrum!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

What are we to do?  What are we to think?  Who are we to judge?  Vick, ya, he did his time and naturally should be allowed to continue his life….if it is allowed….that in itself is a quandry….on the other hand, to do what he is convicted of ie. dog slaughter, dog savagry for money what does that say about his moral and so called human being….that is the quandry….on one hand myself I am totally up in the air….yes, he did his time and should continue his life….but on the other would you ever want to see an obvious pycho sicko animal torturer succeed?  Me, honestly I cannot say and you know me, I’m not short for words, thoughts or opinions….then I think too of all of the crimes reported, under reported, and never reported….that NFL glorified and deified criminals have perpetrated and still do….ongoing…ie. sex, drugs, rock and roll….you get the idea….I think they call the girls “snow bunnies”…..up for fun….up for abuse….anyways, I think the best anybody could do even if, and I’m sure he will, just turn their back and never applaud whenever they see or meet Vick himself or at a game when he scores a touchdown himself….just turn your back….what else can we do?  The guy is beyond redemption and salvation, as much as he insists he is…..just turn your back….turn your collective backs….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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