How Does A Homeless Shelter Lose It’s Charitable Status? I’ll tell you…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

You already read my title, I’ll explain, been a volunteer 13 years, off and on….for a particular shelter…you know how they lose their status?  First off, the clients get to use the shelter as a permanent address…so they can collect welfare, etc…then from there the clients pay, very hidden I might add, almost 35 to 50% of their benefits to said shelter….but that does not guarantee them a bed that they paid for every night i.e. if they are overly intoxicated, even though there is always a basement fully staffed to accomodate such clients….then from there if there is over crowding who are the first to go out the door?  You got it….the regulars….because they are programmed to return the next day…..and as for so called donations….of food, clothing, etc…..even cash….forget about it….except for the crappiest of food and clothing and never cash of course the clients never see one iota or scintilla of any of it….to give you a small juvenile example I remember one day Dave Smith a fantastic philantropic man in Ottawa, owns restaurants and stores across all of Ottawa, sent over at least 5 to 6 full sized platters, bakers platters I might add of black forest cakes, individually cut, with a marichino cherry on each piece…ie. at least 60 cherries per platter….what did those old catholic ladies so called “volunteers” do?  They ate every single one of the marichino cherries and when I asked them what the hell was going on, one of them laughed and said, “oh they don’t need them, half of them don’t have teeth, and the other half wouldn’t even know what they are”….so much for christian charity eh?  and I swear this to my dying breath that this is true….seen, amazed, disgusted, but would love still to continue volunteering at any homeless shelter that is not run by religious orders…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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