USA…..Beer Choice for Loud Mouth Gates and Innocent Cop Crowley!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, so the meeting is going to be tomorrow….I didn’t know it was going to be that soon…..may I suggest President RUSH TO JUDGEMENT  that you have a midnight flight and pick up in Quebec, Canada….remember we are north of your border…..and pick up from any 24 hour convenience store a couple of 6 packs of, and I swear this is the honest to God truth, I swear and I swear again, this is the truth……a couple of six packs of “Maudit” beer…..that is a very popular beer in Quebec and if you don’t know French “Maudit” means damned….and it even has little satans on the front and back of the beer bottle ie. labels……I think that would be a good one…..hope this helps…..rather doubt it…..I’m sure Crowley is just going to hold his nose and choke on everything…..he has the right to Pres……you sold him out in a New York second for political / racial expediency and your RUSH TO JUDGEMENT……well, Pres…..bros do stick together…and that includes the brotherhood of former, and current policemen…..I can’t wait until your term is up and you re-run…..I never thought I would be thinking this…..but any President who makes a RUSH TO JUDGEMENT is not worthy of a second chance….so once again, the beer is “Maudit” and the feathers you are tasting are crow…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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