Joe Jackson…I am MJs other Son…I’m serious…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Joe, I am serious, just as Omer was a love child, I too am a love child and I don’t know who my Father is, but I know my mother was Michael Jackson…..I was the first one to sleep with my mother Michael in the oxygen chamber but while he got younger, I got older and overly developed….now I look like a 54 year old man…so Joe, if I sent you my wordpress number  can you send me up some money here in Canada where I live a quiet existence where I never divulged the secret of my strange parenthood…Joe, I’ll even take a C note with your autograph…that will be good enough for me….at least then I will know I was acknowledged…I’m crying as I write this….my tears are flooding the computer keyboard, now I know where I came from….and can yell it out to the world….unless you want me to shut up and you send me an autographed C note from yourself….Love you Grampa, all my love and respect Grampa….love you forever Grampa…Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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