As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, President, I well understand and accept and laud you for your choice of Desmond Tutu and Professor Steve Hawking for the USA Medal of Freedom….but what with your third choice?????? Ted Kennedy?  Ahhhhh….hmmmm…do you not remember a drowned girl in Chappaquidick Massachusets (sic my wife is typing this for me)….do you not remember Marilyn Monroe?  Do you not remember all of his drunken criminal and stupid folly?  Barack, I think with your last RUSH TO JUDGEMENT  you should check yourself into Walter Reed Hospital for pre-alzheimers check up….two boners within 2 weeks?  I say again, Tutu and Hawking….absolute thumbs up….a criminal who escaped prison time and charges because of his high profile name….he’s no freedom fighter except for his own ass….and you Barack, are becoming very very rapidly an ass….two boners in two weeks….my God, I can’t say anything more…let the electorate dictate and decide in two years……Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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