How to Confuse a Wife …. Part 69 (12)

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, Ok, I guess you thought I disappeared into the abyss eh?, the abyss of ultimate amazonian female masterhood……not a chance brothers…..I was laying low the whole entire time… an asp snake, sneaking and sniffing…..well….my nostrils are really clogged up…smelling all that tigress perfume, bounty softener sheets for laundry… know….I don’t use it…..and all that female stuff…, anyways, I have latched onto another brilliant idea for my NOMAM Al Bundy and Archie Bunker brothers and fathers of this world….you know what I discovered?  After everytime you use the can, purposely clean the under and over toilet seat and make sure you leave a lot of water on the lid top ….. boy oh boy…do they ever get mad when they lumber into the washroom up to 10 minutes after you and sit down on a lid full of water… do they ever come out with their feathers all ruffled….and sqwaking and screaching….and all you have to do is remain sitting in front of the television, beer in one hand, cigarette in the other and just say…..”I was only thinking of you dear, I didn’t want you to sit on a dirty seat….I was only thinking of you, please forgive me….” and then when she leaves the room somewhat placated, feel free to split your guts in half laughing….you’d be surprised how many times in a single day you’ll get away with it…..yours in manhood, brotherhood, and a big yell out to our dearly departed father, Archie, and a big yell out to our brother, Al Bundy who taught us so much…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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