Perry Dunlop your monthly update as promised….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Perry, happy August the 1st day, I don’t know but I hear that it is some civic holiday in Ontario…..I don’t know but I don’t feel any happier….anyways, Perry, as promised you are the former Cornwall police officer who had the courage, the morals, the balls, and the righteousness, legal and religiously to do the right thing…..protect his citizens who employed him one and all and expose pedophile mason ring wearers one and all from mayors right down to the lowest of the lay priests (what a play on words eh?….not my play on words, that’s what they call themselves…and that’s all they do…lay with boys) anyways, ya, can you believe the only man who had the balls to stand up to the sodomite nation was himself eventually jailed himself and he had to leave town….and now lives in Western Canada….well Perry, every ex-cop, serving cop and upstanding citizen in this damn country of ours remember you very well and will never forget you…, as for his update…..the only thing I’ve seen so far on the news, but being this is only the 1st of August, I’m sure I’ll have a couple of updates for you within this month…..a so called prominent psychiatrist in Ontario (another one) is under investigation for having sex with his patient….can you believe it?  Of course you can… I can too….anyways Perry as promised, I’m going to blog about you every month and probably have to add more within that month as events occur and are released to the public…..anyways, as promised, and I get a hell of a lot of hits on the blogs I write about you…..which is exactly what I had in mind from day one… expose those mason ring wearers, the conspiracy against a cop who was only doing his damn job and was jailed for it….and, a cop who should have at least one or two feature specials on the 5th Estate and other Canadian news specials….ie. W5 I just remembered….anyways, hang tough….you got one hell of a lot of support and respect Perry….Andy from Ottawa, #690…..


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