Canada…187 Murdered Plus One of Our Diplomats for an Ingrate Nation?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, once again we’re fighting shoulder to shoulder I might add, in respect to both shoulders, USA and Canada, however, in Afghanistan alone we’ve already lost 187 troops, 1 diplomat and watching the 5th Estate the 2nd of August, 2009, we had 2 more killed off…..1 of the 2, both were from Valcartier, Quebec….is still unidentified…..due to an IED….just like I’ve always said, about both Iraq and Afghanistan, ages before, what the hell are we doing there?  They don’t want us…they don’t welcome us….but they sure like to kill us….and all we are doing is standing in the middle with our thumbs up our arses trying to protect them from killing each other…..well I say, let them go to it…..good riddance…..same thing as in Iraq….the last time I heard months ago I might add….they lost 4327 and God knows how many of them were Canadian…..anyways, back to Afghanistan, if the tea slurping British and the Australian beer guzzlers (good for them) already packed up last week, why the hell are we there?  Why is anybody there anyways? Let them do what they will to each other….Good riddance to bad news!  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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