CNN USA What Gives With the Victim Totals in Iraq? And I’m Talking American Here!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, I get it, during the Viet Nam war, the war was brought into everybody’s livingroom and so were the daily totals of dead and wounded….ok, I understand, you’ll never make that mistake again because the totals were so astonishingly high….58K….  Now with this stupid war (S) you’re into now, how come even though the losses are still excessive because of your politicians ridiculousness in pursuing a war and fighting for a peace that the sand monkeys don’t want…how come I have to wait up every night for Nancy Grace on HNL i.e. new CNN subsidiary to get the up to date numbers of your misguided and tragic losses… is the 4th of August, 2009 at 3:36 p.m. EST and my tally shows 4328…..but I’m sure that is woefully wrong because being a cancer fighter I cannot always stay up late to watch Nancy… do your Country, your citizens, your allies, your friends internationally etc… a favour and then keep the numbers updated using the CNN newscreeper and maybe, I guess this what you were afraid of, your American constituents would demand an immediate withdrawal from both of those ingrate murderous duplicitous double dealing back stabbing nations…..who are unworthy of the American blood that has been spilled for them ….. I say again, if your budgeting trillions of dollars yearly for the wars think of the trillions you could spend on your own citizens universal health care….said this before, say it still…Andy from Ottawa, Canada…. 


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