USA Cheating Man vs. Four Witches and Crazy Glue!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, teeheehee we all know the story, but can you imagine what would happen if the roles and the sexes were reversed?  The guys would have no bail and would be justly looking at life… prison….no parole for at least 45 years…..but ohhhhhhh noooooo, political correctness run amuck….men are vice…..women are virtue…what a crock eh?  have you ever had a miserable DOB for a mother?  wife? ex-wife? ex-girlfriend? come on be honest….anyways, women by the fact that they are women are (according to PC lexicon) victims and men are by virtue of  the fact that they were born with a penis are natural born victimizers and abusers (what about all the gays?) anyways, ya, people are laughing their guts out, but, adultry is not a crime as far as I know in either Canada or the USA…, natch the women are going to get off with a smirk and a smile and probation…..and no doubt some reality show and book deals and massive and I mean absolutely massive press coverage from all the mags…..People, etc…..and maybe even get to sink down into Oprah’s overly stuffed yellow leather sofa…..God!  how gross!  I can’t say anything more….but, thank God my cheating days are long behind me… wife would have done a Bobbit on me….and that’s the truth….she’s Irish…she’s nuts….respectfully, yours in male servitude to the master sex, the virtuous sex, the faultless sex, wimply yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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