USA Congratulations Pres Clinton…You are Indeed A Statesman!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Honest to God Bill, I mean this most reverentially and unabashedly you are indeed the American’s only true genuine elder statesman….always loved you, always respected you, and always admired you……and even your own national enemies and I’m not talking about DNK here….I’m talking even arabs I have seen on CNN being interviewed always spoke highly of you and I remember in one particular sidewalk interview with an arab citizen he said “No wonder all the women want to sleep with him”….anyways Bill, I rather doubt this will ever get to you but I will post it anyway…..only you could have pulled that rabbit out of such a dark hat….ya, no doubt Kim Sung Il, was just beside himself waiting to find the right person to release the two journalists….could your wife have done that?  No!  Could Barack himself have done it?  NO!  Could Bill Richardson have done it?  Probably….but, I’m sure Barack’s ego would not have allowed Bill to try….you are still the best Bill… old silver fox you!  and as we all know, foxes are the cleverest of all animals including political ones… smart as a fox….Respect always, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…


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