USA To all those TV Phone In Colleges Like Everest and CSI….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As my title says, your degrees are priceless beyond belief…even though they are not transferrable anywhere else in academia and they don’t get you a job of any sort, I am still very proud of my degree in scatology and I have it expertly framed in gold leaf on wood but for some reason because of the shit I spread all over the walls I can’t hang my diploma…it keeps slipping down the wall…ahhhhhhhhh….hmmmmm…..can you help me here guys?  Yours, in utmost academia respect and brotherhood now that I am a member…pomp and circumstances etc….your proud graduate, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…oh oh just sliding on the floor again…CRASH! OUCH!…..THAT DIDN’T HURT, THAT DIDN’T HURT!  it was just my pot head…Andy from Ottawa, Canada…oh did I say that already? oh oh oh oh I guess I need another course…


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