USA You are holding a car accident summit????????

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ok, USA, land of iconoclastic summits, quorums, and star chambers…’re going to hold a summit on vehicular accidents that were caused by careless and distracted driving?  Ummmmm….I thought that was the job of your revenue generating state troopers and other police bodies?  ok, so you’re going to hold a summit for this idiocy…..hmmmm…where is it going to be held?  Who is going to get the pay offs for the location?  the accomodations?  the food?  is there going to be equal and fair representation from the gays?  the lesbians?  the GLAD people?  the EGALE people?  the Afro-American people?  the Asian people?  of course there will be no equal representation for the white people…..but, will there be equal representation for the victims?  will there be equal representation of doctors, paramedics, victims families and on and on and on?  we must be politically correct here now….and be totally inclusive…so I say again, ARE THERE GOING TO BE VICTIMS INCLUDED IN THIS SUMMIT, THEY HAVE THE MOST TO SAY….THEY LIVE WITH IT EVERYDAY…..just adding my piece….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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