Perry Dunlop Can you Believe it…? Another Update and its only the 5th of August, 2009

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Perry, my police hero, Canada’s unspoken hero, we like in Canada to bury and ignore our heroes….well Perry is one of them people…..he exposed the entire Cornwall (or should I say Cornhole?) City and all of the high ups….you know, the typical mason ring wearing mayor, police chief, police higher ups, police detectives, businessmen, and let us not forget every single and entire member of the clergy in Cornhole….from the top right down to the lay (with a boy) priests….and now, apparently, in Ontario, a bishop or something in the church on the 9th of September or thereabouts is due to be sentenced for sexual assault on four boys…..when will it ever end eh?  Disgusting!  An honest cop doing his damn job, obstificated and presented legal land mines left, right, and center so he could not expose all the mason ring wearers who hamstrung him and his investigation and he ended up doing time in jail?  As an uncooperative?  Disgusting!  Ontario Justice at its best!  I don’t want to steal Perry’s thunder by telling you about my little story, but I too, ended up doing time four years later… they were waiting for me….the whole entire time….and set me up good….anyways, Ontario Justice I spit on all of you…..and as for the new cops they are bringing aboard don’t they all look like clones and neo-nazis?  Anyways, this is your update Perry….and my God we are only on the 5th….like I said, like I promised, blogs go across the world….and believe me my blog specifically is hit on by so many people immediately….it would blow your mind….so people do indeed take notice….yours in brotherly respect…Andy #690 Ottawa…


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