USA…Murdering Gym Man…Blaming the Mother?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, so USA has another rage murder on their hands…nutbar snuffed himself thankfully but left a lot of interesting self describing literature behind….ya, I had one hell of a miserable bitch for a mother, an emasculator, even emasculated my own father who was very very successful as a teacher, professor, chairman of a community college and died a shell of a man… sister is a lesbian and anybody who knows psychology 301 lesbians as a rule don’t come from abusive fathers or males….as a rule, overwhelmingly they come from cold, abusive and distant hateful mothers….and as for myself, I split when I was 18 and scraped the dust off my soles of my shoes….and I never went postal…..hell I even joined the police force, went to university, volunteered for the homeless for 13 years and was a partner in a successful restaurant two minutes away from Canada’s parliament hill….so, only the weak and the feeble minded blame their mothers for everything… least I give my mother credit for one thing….she taught me class and culture….look for the best, but don’t forget the rest…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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