Aerosmith…Steve Tyler…You dickie grabbing fool!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, Steve I guess you didn’t get my first blog….so, I will repeat myself….more simply…so that even you, you old burnt out pot head and acid head, can grasp it….ok Steve let’s go over this again….you grab your little dickie, even though your daughter over 2 decades ago told you not to…, that makes you about a 60 year old dickie grabber….you know anywhere else but a rock and roll concert for decrepit old has beens who smell like fish in a sewer ie. oh by the way Steve to make it simple for you ie means for example….so not to confuse you I will restart my sentence…..anybody that smells like old fish, means you’ve been around far too long…..Aerosmith, what the hell is that?  Aerosmith, you should be collecting social security by now…you’re not relevant anymore….not that you ever were in the first place….but, girls are girls…and, Steve is Steve playing with his little dickie….so anyways Steve I am going to try and make this real simple again….so that even you could understand it….you burnt out heroin head….I hope you didn’t bruise your dickie….even you have to laugh….you fell off the stage…..then again maybe I don’t think you remember….you just go through the moves and collect the $$$$….that stupid fucking elevator song….anyways, I guess your dickie was protected by your 10 pinkies and as you slid off the stage that’s what protected your dickie….God, I honest to God with my hand on my heart and swearing to everything holy and unholy to me, am so glad I never lived one moment in your brain…..what little there is in there anyways…and I never ever envied you….even when you were so called successful….you sucked then, you suck now and you will always blow….respectfully, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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