Donald Marshall…My Sympathies to the Family but that’s where it ends….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the Marshall Family, my title says it all….to the Canadian Public at Large….we finally have a leach off our back…he staggered into a park with a kid with the last name Seale….and they purposely were watching and besetting and then attempting to rob two old men in a dark park late at night….ok, one of the old men snuffed Seale….but, ohhhhh noooo, Marshall was of clean hands…..had no explanation, no nothing….to offer up (except for the truth)….ok, ya, the chief of police but the whole thing on Marshall’s back….but, wasn’t Marshall the author of his own misfortune?  Flash forward…..ya, he did a little bit of time and walked out into the limelight, Royal Commission etc etc…etc…and millions of dollars later….well, if you’re the author of your own misfortune and you’re being rewarded for it keep your damn mouth shut….suck it up, and shut up….but Junior Marshall no way, he loved the limelight….and so did that shaven head lesbian lawyer and that really pretty blonde haired girlfriend of his (University educated, smart, pretty – what the hell was she doing with him?).  They all made sure to stroke his ego that every chance there wasn’t a camera that Junior Marshall didn’t love….well, at 55 years old….good riddance….you were a leach off the ass of the Canadian Public long enough….no hard feelings bud….Andy from Ottawa…


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