USA..”CNN Says, Gay to Straight Programs do not work” oh oh!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, some doctors and priests especially priests are trying to convert fruitbats into straight bats….even psychology 101 tells you this is all folly….you are what you are…when the connective tissue in your brain connects via neural networking and particular DNA from your parents, even when you are in your mother’s womb…so you are what you are….why can’t people just accept that….yes, myself, the only gays I get annoyed about are obnoxious pieces of shit like Perez Hilton….you know the type….the obnoxious ones….that ram it in our face….and they are as equally a negative representative of their sexuality as a Ted Bundy is to hetrosexuality….so, let’s live and let live…can we not all just get along?  God this has been going on for too long…Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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