CNN….Beautiful Story….Very Compelling…August 07, 2009…3:35 p.m. EST…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As my title says, watching CNN at said time, Rick Sanchez in particular, one of your top journalists… of your best….and he told about SPC Anthony Lightfoot…..and his mother….a beautiful, beautiful story….one that could have even wrenched water out of a cold stone….it’s still playing after an ad so I am going back….God Bless America!  All of your beautiful young people who have sacrificed their lives for 2 ingrate nations….but, you have heard this before from me….but, God Bless the Lightfoot family, brings it real close to home doesn’t it?  And please remember Lightfoot family, the next time you walk in rain, those are God’s tears of pain for you….God Bless you, Brave and Noble family!  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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