Junior Marshall…The so called Canadian “Icon”…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the Marshall family I am sorry that I am writing again, but I do wish to first say, I really feel for you and that’s it….as for the Canadian Public at Large, I address this to us…..how the hell can an attempted mugger of 2 old men in a dark dark park be held up as a Canadian “Icon”?  I am speechless…..icons in my book are people who were God gifted, God driven, and God loving success stories….for instance, hmmmmm…hmmmm….Terry Fox, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Rick Hansen, George Vanier, Jean Michelle, Gordon Lightfoot, Gordon Tootoosis, Rene Highway, Thompson Highway, Steven Leacock, Michael Harris, Peter Edwards, Dr. Jamie Glazov, Jack London, Dr. Keon, Dr. Banting……are you starting to get the idea what a real Canadian icon is?  Hell, that piece of crap referred to himself as an “icon” on TV when he was attending his own father’s funeral and bragging that because he was such an “icon” he would have a much larger turn out at his funeral and even rock bands would be playing…..can you believe it?  that is the honest to God truth….and all you have to do is check with CTV or CBC….I forget which one played it….but, nowadays with our computers it would be found in a Montreal minute…..oh by the way….was not the “icon” himself charged criminally with criminal threats against his ex-wife and her lawyer ex-husband?….so much for a Canadian “icon” eh?  The author of his own misfortune and the asshole of society and the leach on the asshole of Canadian society as a whole….Good Riddance to bad news….Repectfully, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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