Ontario Man Throws Furniture From Window…What the hell is wrong with that?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the subject at large in my title, I hope you didn’t throw out your computer…because I would love you to get in touch with me at www.ajmurdoch.wordpress.com    man, are they having a field day reporting on this little nonsense….hyping it up to be a big terrorist inspired meltdown….personally as a man who worships at the alter of Archie Bunker and Al Bundy, I will personally re-affirm you as a man who was just blowing off steam….what’s the fucking problem with that?  Nowadays men are so wussyfied that we have to, or are supposed to, depends on which female you are talking to, to slit our wrists, cut off our balls and slide under a bathtub full of warm water….thank goodness you did not do that…..so, welcome to NOMAM, our dearly departed leader Archie Bunker and our beloved sargeant at arms Al Bundy….I am way way below sargeant at arms, but, I am entrusted with the God given duty to recruit new members to NOMAM…..so, toss all the stuff you want out of your 5th story window….you’re not doing anybody any harm….we all need to blow steam off and blow the shit off ….. yours in brotherhood, truthfully, I mean it, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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