Sting…Ex-Police Fame makes a statement!!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, Stinger or should I say Stingbee for the first time in eons and perhaps he should have left it that way, given the smash successes of his group Police…….made an utterance that Iraq should release all political prisoners……well Sting, I do the same thing everyday….I go out into my backyard, which is a small 8×12 condo backyard and I make utterance too…..but nothing ever happens…..just like talking to a brick wall…..anyways, if you’re trying to impersonate Bono….give it up…..nobody listens to him anyways….even when he sticks his needle nose and sunglasses up every cause under the sun…..ya, people hear him out  ie. in one ear, out the other….so don’t be a redundant ass as Bono is…..Stinger I expected more from you Man!  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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