Israel…How the Hell Can You Ever Win, Assholes Abound!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Israel, the 9th of August, 2009, 2:57 p.m. EST…..just saw on the news crawler CNN two incidents occurred, first….an ambulance going from Gaza to Israel was mortared at (did the sand monkeys know who were inside…I rather doubt it) secondly…..apparently, at a high level meeting of the Al Fatah movement (makes me think of a bowel movement) they want to recognize a 2 state solution but they want the right to bear arms to fight the 1st state….as Laurence of Arabia would say, “Is that not typical of an Arab….wants it both ways and up the middle too”….is that not so true?  how can you ever expect to dialogue and reach accomodation and concensus with such a breed of people?  and I use the term people very very sparingly for them….Shalom…Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..



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2 responses to “Israel…How the Hell Can You Ever Win, Assholes Abound!

  1. bobbygee

    Israel was the nation God blessed. Israel was not created in 1948. Please read the Bible. This is all part of Bible Prophecy. It is all coming true. My question to everyone when will anti-sematism end. When will the world stop blaming its problems on us Jews. Just a thought.

    • Andy Stephen

      What the hell do you think I’m saying Man….I’m saying all along, check all my previous blogs at…..I totally agree with the little you wrote…..and as you can tell and will discern after you read my blogs, at my site, you’ll know I’m 100% Israeli supporter…hell, I even wanted to work at a Kibbutz, but my parents forced me to chose university instead because they waved the cash….but I will be there one day…even if it is part of my ashes…all mankind comes from Israel and for that we are all grateful…Shalom, RSVP if you wish, Andy

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