Ontario Education…Changing Classroom Goals?…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, my title says it all, an “expert” says there must be a change of goals to reduce student cheating…..ok, who is this expert?  Is he /she an expert in child centred learning or just another nutbar who wants to reduce our Canadian schools to those of American schools with their abysmal standards…ie. University / college students who can only read at a grade 6 level etc etc…..do we want that up here in Canada?  In other words just shoving all the kids through each grade whether they have failed and need help or not….sounds pretty lame for me…but I am biased….both my parents were teachers, my brother was a teacher, my sister is a professor at a university, and I was an Ontario Scholar (graduated from high school with a 98 average)…anyways my point is, schools of all places should be the place that places a premium on education, values and hard work because out in the cruel real world there is no skipping you forward to a promotion / pay raise you have not earned….I think I do not have to add anymore do I?  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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