USA…Fresno CA…447 new victims…way to go!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Yo, yo, yo man….turning my baseball cap sideways now man….readjusting my bandana man, wearing my loose baggy pants down to my knees man….and a baggy tee shirt man….going to drive to Fresno now man….447 vics gave up their protection man….so we can move in man….if they was stupid enough for 35K man to give it all up man, they deserve to be invasioned man….man, the only stuff we was worried about was the 7 assaults, the 5 sawed off and the 2 machine guns….but them fools gave it all up 447?  be sure to welcome me aboard man….we gonna have a lot of funs with you folks man….yo yo, Andyo from ottawao canadao yo yo yo


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