Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee…Another Race Conspiracy?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ya Sheila, we all know who you are….re:  your bombastic “don’t you know who I am?”  …. when you wore no identification and were just newly elected to Congress…..anyways, nice way to start your stint.  Now, you are doing Townhall Heath Reform Debates….and you say “I was always responsible for my constituents”….meanwhile, at one said meeting a white woman is asking pertinent questions and what are you doing?  Marching across the stage listening and yacking into a cell phone….then, when confronted with that by the press you say “the video is doctored” hmmmmm hmmmmm sounds like a race conspiracy to me….call up Dr. Gates and see what he has to say, hell, he has the power to make your President make a racial RUSH TO JUDGEMENT…..I’m sure you feel good there Sheila….by the way, when you fly in and fly out of your parking spot in Washington DC, how do you steer your broom?  Just curious….but I wouldn’t want to see it….you miserable DOB….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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