Israel…How can you ever win….part 2..August 13, 2009

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Israel, you have to go through this again…..first, the Fatah Bowel Movement agreed to a 2 state solution, but, they, the FBM would have the right engraven in stone to bear arms against you….now, with the EU anti-zionist, USA, Western Civilization and free people across the world body, and I repeat the EU and the FBM want you to open your books about every scintilla of your nuclear programs….hmmmmm as a frenchman choking on his cheese and wine would gasp, hmmmmm me smells a rat here….Israel, land of the holy defenders, land of the free, land of democracy….you must be laughing your heads off silly….I know I am….and as I said before, if you ever need a 54 year old ex-cop, ex-military man, you just send me the ticket….you know how to get in touch with me….the Canadian Embassy knows me by name….Andy from Ottawa, Shalom….


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