Aerosmith….or should I call you Aerofairy?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ahhhh  Ahhhh, poor little Stevie playing with his dickie, fell off stage….and hurt his little scrawny shoulder…and he isn’t even an axe man….all he is, is a little fairy prancing around on stage and grabbing his weinie…and now he’s cancelled the whole entire tour because of said “injuries”…..hell Aerofairy, over the past 17 years have you not caught from time to time on CNN your brave young fellow country men and women fighting and a lot of footage has been shot of some of them hastily bandaged, blood soaking through and they are still on the front lines fighting….God you make me puke you fairy….that is all I can bear to say….without risking my blog site being closed down for excessive obscenities….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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