Ok all you political correct people out there….I say shame and shit on you!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, been doing a lot of studying of my blog stats as of late and I have noticed and am dumbfounded that any post I’ve written that is pro-Israel, anti- EU with France in particular, who incidently loath the Israelis in particular, I noticed none of those posts have been touched….well, I am not impressed considering this medium of international (free speech) blogging was meant to dialogue…..and reach understandings between cultures, countries, and continents, so obviously we have not accomplished that….especially in the politically charged atmosphere presented to us in the middle east….I am very very astonished and disappointed….ok, call me a 54 year old burnt out flower child of the 60s whose gone to weed and thus my opinion doesn’t count for anything….but always remember, those who forget their history are doomed to repeat their history….so, quit with the PC anti-Israeli, anti-USA, anti-western civilization (except for those oh so noble, look down their nose cheese eating french)….and open and expand your minds to the reality we present to our adult kids and our grandchildren and seven generations there after….warning you of your collective folly, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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