Hollywood…Just saw Enemy at the Gates…Fantastic!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hollywood, as my title says, fantastic movie, very very close to the truth, actors and actresses super!  Just makes me ponder and think, as a Canadian all that we sacrificed and you did too in the USA in the European battle front during WWI and WWII…..it also made me reflect on that ungrateful vichey government especially during WWII and the fact that their defacto leader (supposed)De Galle was hiding out in England the whole time….anyways, to make a long story short…comparing the brave Russians of both wars who lost more than 75% of each world wars casualty counts it just makes me mad that the land of liberte, equalite, run away has no heroes except for those brave souls in the underground….and were the true partisans…I still wonder to this day why the French from France still walk around with the heads held so high, their noses scrap ceilings…and they are so pompous….they are a nation of cowards….hell, they even remind me of Iraqis for that matter….but, I guess that’s the way God wanted it….so be it….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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