Uxbridge Ontario….Land of Inbreds and Mouth Breathers…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, I scrambled out of Uxbridge and my sneakers were on fire I ran that fast….I only had moved in 3 years earlier after a very violent incident where I was the perp in Toronto (2 bullies I took care of), so my family moved me to this place called Uxbridge….I noticed right away they all looked very similar, their eyes were very narrow together and they didn’t breathe through their noses but through their mouth….they had bad teeth and they for the most part had part of their last name as Van…..as in Vandenberg, Vandenhilton, Vandenbugger….it was a real sureal trip man…..because of what I was running from I kept my mouth shut never uttered a word and as a result I was verbally bullied for 3 years…..compared to what I could have faced in Toronto (Don Jail etc..) I kept my mouth shut and put up with it….and once I got out of Uxbridge man I was a butterfly and a phoenix at the sametime….now almost when they started and now over 35 years, they keep calling me via the website Classmate and I don’t know how many times I have told them to fuck off….I hated you arseholes….(with exception of about 6 people I guess)….why do they still keep on doing this?  why are they still bugging me?  they were arseholes and inbred and I would never spill or soil my seed to improve their gene pool…..LOL Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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