USA…Jenny Cornwell…Missing Woman in Georgia..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, was a cop for 12 years, was a bouncer in the next city beside Ottawa, Hull, Quebec….3 bars, one of them the toughest in the entire area….never ever have I heard or heard of a stranger on stranger attack of any sort meaning a man on a woman where the woman says or yells “please don’t take me away or something” never heard of it…this is a sham on her part especially when I learned today she has 3 ex husbands, given her job where she dealt almost exclusively with men and jogging/walking at 10:30 at night or whatever…on a rural road….me thinks not…secondly, just last week we had in Canada, a high profiled case of a woman supposedly forced to drive at gun point half way across Canada, non stop I might add, who ended up in Toronto and within a couple of days the cops got her to finally admit it was a foist on the justice system….in other words it was all bullshit…and that Jenny I think is what your case is all about….not that there is anything wrong with loving men ie. 3 husbands, a current boyfriend and always working in an environment where men would be clinging to you for friendship, favours, attention etc etc and given the fact that you were a so called lady rambo, I have a very jaundiced eye on this…I hope you seek help when you pop your head up….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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