All you Straight Guys Out There…We gotta form a posse kinda like Anthrax!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Men, I’m sick of all this shit….I propose as a fact, we are hen pecked, dragon bitten, feminist flaggulated, critized, miscreants of the world…..according to them…..enough of this PC bullshit…..we are Men…and should be proud to be so…..Toller Cranston of course is excused…..anyways, following the example of my soul brother Al Bundy of NOMAM fame I propose a Canadian only Men’s club….and I propose to call it “MIASMA”…..Miasma stands for Men Indignant about Scurrilous Matronly Amazonians (of the female persuasion)….Rule No. 1 – would be, there would be very few rules, Rule No. 2 –  I would be the Imperial Chief of Staff, President for Life of said Miasma, Rule No. 3 – We would not admit crew cut haired, and mullet headed flannel shirt wearing, dirty jeaned construction boot wearing people in our organization of Miasma because they could be dyke infiltrators, Rule No. 4 – You would have to pass a very high test, hormone and DNA examination just like the South Africans are doing this very day on a 800 meter hurdle jumper to determine his/her sex, Rule No. 5 – You cannot imbibe in any sort of drink with cherries and lantern tops on top of the drink or you may be ridiculed, but you will be allowed to stay just to watch and wash every car in the meeting lot, Rule No. 6 – you must annoy your wife each and every second of your god forsaken existance, Rule No. 7 – Refer back to Rule No. 1.  If you can abide by all that, check me out and sign up at….I am serious about this….I’ve had it up to my teeth with all this PC….PMSing and post-menepausal feminist nazi bullshit…..let’s rally around the flag boys….Yours, in brotherhood, Andy from Canada



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2 responses to “All you Straight Guys Out There…We gotta form a posse kinda like Anthrax!!!!!

  1. michaelsicurello

    And they say people from Canada are weird.

    Your arguments are logical and free of gender or any other form of social bias.

    Thanks for the clear headed thinking!


    • Andy Stephen

      To Mike,
      Hey Man, thanks! When are you going to join up? I already have designed teeshirts only for members and a little badge that you can sew on a baseball cap and God willing or should I say Goddess willing we’ll be bigger than Red Green’s Possum Lodge….will discuss dues and fees when we are up to around 50 members….so far you are the 11th person to respond….so, we’re going go far Man….yours in Brotherhood, Miasma Andy

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