CNN/HLN….Nancy Grace Orders You to Watch….?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, alright, ok, Readers you know me and Nancy have a long standing feud…so anyways, now with her new book she’s got that to flog along with her kids…..ok, woop dee doo…..and she now says on her advertising for the show, something along the lines….I order you to watch this show….or you will be held in contempt…whatever………I’m starting to think in my crazy Canadian mind, can you imagine living in a Nancy Grace – Stan……ahhhhh, do you get it?  Living in a country that she runs?  A Nancy Grace-stan? hmmmm…..I guess I better cork the bottle…even the cat is looking at me funny….and my wife ran out of the house 2 minutes ago…and I know that because she didn’t even use the remote to open the garage door and I heard the smash…..oh oh….oh oh…..neighbours are starting to call now….gotta go….bye for now….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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One response to “CNN/HLN….Nancy Grace Orders You to Watch….?

  1. michellefrommadison

    Nancy Grace loses another Court motion Jan.27th.

    A Judge ruled against Nancy Grace in her attempt to ban cameras in her Thursday Jan.28th deposition, and that her deposition is to be recorded, contrary to Grace‘s legal request.

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