Thank you for expressing interest in my new Posse “MIASMA”

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, thank you one and all who have hit my blog and expressed interest in the MIASMA Posse…..I have decided that according to our membership interest we have to throw in a personally handcrafted and designed teeshirt and 3 inch by 3 inch badge that can be worn either on a baseball cap or a three piece suit….on the lapel you know what I mean….we can blow Red Green and the Possum Lodge out of  the water, in terms of our membership, our intensity, and our drive to succeed even if it means our drive just takes us in circles….you know what I mean….anyways, MIASMA is here, MIASMA is now, MIASMA is needed and MIASMA will linger on…..your President and Chief  for Life, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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