England….So you got 3 of the Jewellery Thieves….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, just like I wrote last week…..hopefully, Ronnie Biggs received it….I also was asking him how hard he was laughing about the 60 million jewellery theft in London……ok, now it’s up to 3 today…..that is suspects in custody…..I would hope that they will follow the example of all Gentlemen Thieves and not utter a word…..Ronnie would be impressed, the coppers would be impressed, and man would they have power inside….hell, they even got this ex-cops’ respect and alot of my friends as well…..ya, we hold up people, our people to high standards and vaunted status….so keep on keeping on guys…..believe me the world is watching…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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