Oh Canada….Land of the Not so Free….Deporting a Grandmother????

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh Canada, just like my title says, the land of the not so free…..for decades we welcomed and protected criminals and murderers before the USA said, “You wanna them….you keep them”…..does Charles Ng come to mind?  What about all those draft dodgers and dope dealers from the USA we protected?  Hell,  a few of those draft dodgers taught me in university with their bald spots and long greasy ponytails….and were still incendiary with their personal politics…which they made sure to tell all of us….now, be it Sunday the 23rd of August, 2009 on a Rogers News Flash, I caught and verified that a 79 year old grandmother from Poland living with her family, here I might add, is going to be extradicted….For what?  Was she Illsa of the SS..or something?  What on earth could she have done?  God look how long it took us and then the USA to get rid of John Demjanuk (sic)….eons….whatever our noble immigration agents and services have up their sleeve, please share it with us lay people…..I personally, am well aware of a lot of Triad families and a few Jamaican Posse and God knows how many of the most violent gangs of all….the Vietnamese Big Boys who have slipped underneath my radar screen because I cannot confirm it….so anyways, let’s pack up Granny and strap her with bungee cords to her rocking chair and ship her off from whence she came….God what a system eh?  Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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