USA….FBI or CIA Interrogation….what would you chose?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, oh oh, I’m a filthy bedraggled smelly sand monkey who just got nabbed running away from a massive bombing….vics are lying all over the place, blood everywhere….so, who would I rather be questioned by, once I get arrested?  Now, seriously folks, play this scenario in your mind and add a ton of reality…who would you rather be questioned by?  The CIA who have been there, done that, seen it all….actually do know it all (Interpol etc)….or would you rather be questioned by the FBI who are trained to read you your rights, furnish you a lawyer, give you all the coffee and cigarettes you need and request in the questioning room and if you so desire….any meal you want if you have been held past the usual 3 meals per day limits…..hell, I’m not a sand monkey…but, I’m ready to move to any FBI center and admit I shot the sherriff, but I did not shoot the deputy (thanks Bob Marley – may you rest in peace forever)….I don’t need to add anymore do I?  We’re all in a time of war….they put up their big boys, let’s unleash ours….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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