USA….Libya – AL Mahqraqi vs. Jack Ruby

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen 

Sorry for the nutbar title but I had to grab your attention… that I’ve got it, the release in Scotland of AL-Mak is just as stupid as if the CIA released Jack Ruby (JFK murder fame…..remember he shot Oswald? before your time I guess)….on compassionate grounds……the Scots by releasing AL-Mak is just as stupid as if the CIA released Ruby because both have, and had, mortal secrets that in Ruby’s case he took with him to his grave… for AL-Mak, the Scots screwed up royally……270 people are already in his grave awaiting him and God knows what else he knows…..that he will disseminate…..I cannot believe the country of my forefathers have never read a best selling thriller spy novel…..anybody could have figured this one out…..oh by the way….you can live for years with prostate cancer….just as I am living with colon cancer…..and without treatment by my choice…..THINK ABOUT IT!  Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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