USA Justice…Chris Brown you wimped out! You should have done the time!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Chris, I will say up front you are a piece of shit…..for beating up Rhianna, but, at this very moment I am writing I just saw the end of your sentencing on CNN……any man who would put up with 5 years probation, six months of community labour, 25K to Rhianna I suppose…..$40 here, $30 there… you realize during those next 5 years cops, parole officers, every Tom, Dick and Harriet can walk into your house anytime and you gotta let them in….5 years of that Chris?¬† No beer, no wine, no weed, no booze, no whatever….you should have told them to shove it up their arse and probably done half the time….at least your street cred would have been intact…..I think you are a major major wimp…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada p.s. been there….


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