CDA Senate Choices…From What I know…one excellent!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As my title says, very early in the morning I tuned in to the news and I heard of one particular choice for a Senator as named by our Prime Minister Harper, that person, I forget his name, it was too early in the morning but I do recall hearing that he was a former illiterate who then became some sort of hockey coach and from there became a real mentor for anybody whose life he touched…’s people like that we need more of….in the Senate….not self-aggrandising Conrad Blacks, Barbara Amiel’s (sorry babe, I loved you years ago but you chose in your latter years the wrong crowd and wrong guy) and anything with an esquire or doctorate of philosophy that they insist on using when you meet them or receive a letter from…thank God, like Trudeau who put in a former taxi driver, Harper put in a former illiterate who rose to the top….excellent choice!  Maybe now the Senate will become relevant….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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