To all you fellow mensa wannabees….try this out…..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, as my title says, I never had a test for mensa….nobody ever asked me…..I guess that doesn’t help when you live under a tree with a flee bitten mad eyed mullah begging for change…..ha!  ha! got your interest eh?  Ok, real story…..full truth….I have a Steve Earle Copperhead Road tattoo that he personally (knew him for 2 years) gave me permission to put on….and the top words over the skull and bones are his….”Fear no Evil”….and on the bottom I put “Fear No Body”……ok, that is 6 root words… day I was looking at the tattoo and musing to myself of course how I could using letters from the tattoo to come up with a credible pseudonym and from that it led me to a one and half day (intermittently) odyssey of figuring out just from the letters of those 6 root words and not repeating any other letters other than what was contained in the 6 root words….I got up to 417 words, no names, no dictionary, no computer, and plus at the end the 6 root words “Fear no Evil, Fear No Body” makes a total of 423 words….anybody want to take me up on that?  I would especially be very interested if somebody on a computer plays this game, I am certain those 423 words would be miniscule…probably up to 800, I don’t know…..remember… dictionary, no names, and 1 person with a computer is allowed…..just a brain teaser for us non-mensa members….respectfully, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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