Ontario Justice….Woman Charged with Stabbing Man….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, don’t hold your breath on this one dear readers, obviously it was not revealed in the news the circumstances of a woman stabbing a man and being charged with attempted murder….but, it clearly showed and evidenced that she was the aggressor and whatever role he played in this drama was obviously miniscule but watch dear readers, within months when this goes to court (guys take much longer to go to court sometimes up to two to three years)she will be portrayed as some sort of victim probably by some dyke lawyer and have her back rubbed by some dyke crown attorney and woman’s victim groups….so, she’ll probably pay a fine…or something….p.s. I used to be a very good looking man in my 30s and I dated such a woman….and it was absolutely hilarious…..she told me the whole story and peed herself laughing…..as she told how she got off….on a conditional discharge….want to know what she did?  she rammed a broken beer bottle into the face of some guy and twisted it for fun….like I said, she was one hell of a fun feisty date…and I still to this day remember her fondly but….but…..always be careful guys….they’re just as crazy as we are….but….we get treated harshly….they get conditional sentences…..just for your own information…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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